sabato, novembre 06, 2010

A Damon Albarn non piacciono i talent show.

I Blur, i Gorillaz, i The Good, the Bad and the Queen, la cotta per Reykjavik e l'Islanda. Sono parecchi i pregi di  Damon Albarn. E sembra che ne emergeranno altri nei prossimi mesi, compresa una nuova band - che promette di essere assai ritmica - con Tony Allen e Flea dei Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ecco un paio di estratti da una lunga intervista apparsa qualche giorno fa sul sito web neozelandese Stuff.

Sul lavoro del musicista:
"Well it's all about the palette you use. I mean, I'm still the same songwriter, I have the same ideas. In that sense it's all the same but the entry point is very different, the palette is different. With Gorillaz, I mean, really, it has no form," break for a brief laugh, "hopefully it will feel like a benchmark really, this group. I mean that - it has been a rewarding experience. Also you have to remember that the reason I have been able to do all these things is because I work hard at them and I have not been touring. I gave up touring and focused on the work of writing. I have a young family so touring was not desirable, not ideal. And so I started working five days a week with a studio I've built, treating it like a 9-5 job. I've been bringing up a family and I've been enormously productive because of not touring and having a home studio - it's really that simple. I'm interested in a lot of different music and I have worked hard to put it across."

Sui talent show:
"Well, it's just an empty vessel really, innit? I mean I just find that there's nothing there at all. It's pointless. And I think the really sad thing is that it's actually just wrong to build up these hopes and to build this hype because where it is really wrong is that there'll be a generation that will be left standing there with nothing. They will actually have nothing. None of this music is going to last. None of these acts will mean anything at all. And there will be a generation just left standing there holding this...this...empty vessel."